Sunday, November 7, 2010

new bloggie.

the end of miss squekie.

say hello to ! *cheese*


Saturday, September 12, 2009

madame tussauds

i have been m.i.a lately from my blog.....

do u miss me?

haha..jk..but who noes thr r ppl who miss me u a pic of me la!

well....dats mie in a lara croft (tomb raider) hair do ! haha...xD


since i dowan hide things anymore.....i have been shipped all the way to madame tussauds for their newest wax addition. *evil laugh* is an evidence :

so...apa macam? look like me anot? haha..xD

okla..dowan joke le la..but i reli do feel this pic looked abit wax wax de lo....haha!

anyway..i have been working my ass off for something very close to my heart! hehe.... favourite things to do is to shop.
so..its not surprising that i ventured into it..cuz ppl always say..u do smth cuz u like it rite?
so my case is of dat as well..^^

get the idea now?*blush*

pls take a peek will ya?

cheers to me~


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

wat happened to me? as usual i woke up feeling super normal. not superman tho. but still normal enough to allow me to rush myself n pin all my freakinf scout's uniforms badges cuz i din noe we r gona wear that stupid uniform for today's assembly. so in the rush hours..i skip my breakfast. not quit exactly skip...i ate 2 pieces of oat craker - strawberry n blackcurrent flavour which act tastes good. anyway for ur extra information, our stupid scout uniform cost us rm140 for just one semster de use in which our semester startes waaaay back in june n now..guess wat : its september baby! n we wore that smart cute ass ( being sarcastic here peeps! ) for the very first time. tell me bout spending 1/4 of my allowance on this piece of god-noes-wat-how-ugly-they-are. we went over to the field for the assembly. just in time before they start to jot down the names of all latecomers. yes..teacher trainees can be late. like very late. well..i say this is the Malaysian time rite? Malaysia Boleh!

well, we were halfway through the speech given by the deputy director who were lecturing us bout the late issue + cleanliness issue in hostel. (p/s: smth funny, thos ppl r gona organise a freaking NATIONAL level hostel cleanliness competition for all the maktab's across the country. wat shit is that la? like seriously! =s ) body starts going crazie. i had difficulty of breathing. den my head turns dizzy. den i felt like vomniting i mean i almost vomited is just that i gulp ething down. haha. how gross is that. den i knelt down cuz i was reli feeling sick. all this happen in like 30 seconds? i seriously swear that i felt ok after awile. so i decided to get back on my feet n stand straight. my fellow dedicated scout members did ask me if i want to sit down on the front. which i politely refuse. so i stood up. the next thing i noe..i cannot stand up straight. my vision turned blured like white n my ear drums were kinda like stuck. stomach pain n i was sweating profusely man. seeing this my fren got sked n decided to walk me to the front. it was super embaressing with the whole institut having full view of wat was going on with me walking halfway n decided to sit down on the staircase with my dreadful look. but i guess when u r not feeling well it does not matter if the whole world is watching u. like watever!
it was after all this things dat u realise how "infamous" u become bcause some ppl will go ard laughing " haha..yvonne pengsan tadi!" dang! n wats better was how the director was giving his piece of mind to all of us saying how young ppl like us gets tired after only 30mins. like "macam ini pun tak boleh tahen ke?? *with the cynical look*
super malu lo!
not to mention how ironic things were when not only 1 ppl faint..,but we have 3! haha...xD well, after awile i felt better. thanks to my fren n assisting lec. =)
she say i din eat breakfast lor....dats the reason y i bcum like dat. face as cold as ice. is icy look in fashion now? juz joking.

ohya...did i mention to u that i was the ONLY chinese girl dat fainted during this puasa month! adds all the joke to this whole thing. =='''

to conclude :
my body is gila.
tak makan also will sakit. makan also sakit. n ohya, "an apple a day keeps the doc away" is proven to b just a saying. nothng more.

moral lesson of the day : eat your breakfast like a king, not like a begger.

p/p/s : all this happen on such a short notice dat i myself was shocked cuz i tot that i will just faint & just like dat. rip. yes. i to i will just die or wat. lol. cuz i swear i had this super difficulty in breathing lo. h1n1? but no cough no flu no wateva. anway God bless me.. i am perfectly fine for the time being. thank God! =)

Monday, August 24, 2009

we takut! =s


i takut lah.....

and he also takut.............................

seee la....bear bear also wear mask!

where is yours? 0.o

Friday, August 21, 2009

a tribute to my stomach!

back home is great!
everything FREEE!!! wahaha.....meaning more and FOOD!
anyway my routine at home is usualy

however this time ard..thing might change a lil'
cuz got asgmnt..=(
but least i dun have to wake up at 7am rite?

anyway straight to todays post, FOODS! wee~

i have been "exploring" food lately...too busy n lazy to post here is an array of pics of the foodies i have tasted!

p/s : its a super long dont bother to see if u r not interested in foodie doodies! haha...xD

*evil smirk*

a reminder to those who are hungry or fasting...i warned u before hand! lol..


chillis : great food..great : free flow of drinks comprising juices. great place for thos who love spending hours chit chatting! price very affordable as the portions r realy big...=p

my choice of the day :
grilled lamb served with mashed potatoes! *yums*

von's squek : LOVES!!! *thumbs up*


Mizi bistro located in New World Park , Penang : a small cafe but super lot customer..u might not be able to get a table cuz ppl do make reservations,,so count urself lucky to get a table during peak hours ( 7pm till 8.30pm ) ! their menu sets are super affordable...BEST mushroom soup ! *salivating* they also have live band ( guitar, violin, etc not the rock pop band thingy )singing adding more umpph to the dinner! here are some of the pics of the foodies...

a great variety of pasta ! recommended too! =)

von's squek : best mushroom soup & pasta! wee~


dragon-i : okla....not bad..not so much to scream about...but one thing dats super delicious is their famous signature dish - SIAO LONG PAO a.k.a lil' dragon pau! *thumbs up up*

there r techniques to eat this paos' cuz according to ppl : the soup in the pao is the best part of it. lol..n indeed it was!

anoder nice thing : canned peanuts for their starters!

i know i look weird here.too "kayu" d. lol. anyway one in the pic are : siao long pao, assorted mushroom, fried tofu, la mien a.k.a noodles and also the dessert!

love this as well cuz got my favourite quil eggs...2 samo! haha..xD

von's scream : must try their siao long pao!


malay seafood!

hmm...its a lil' difference den the chinese ones that i love but i have to say..they have their specialty too! plus its cheap! hoho.....
like this dish :

tomyum! woohoo~ *loves*

i finish thiswhole pot by

this freaking grand de lo..high class cuz have u ever seen a malay seafood restaurant with air cond and marble furnish for the table & floor....boleh lawan with thos hotel de le..

the rite?

they have anoder section which is for thos functions i guess..the other side was waaaay cooler..but i din get any pics..cuz malu la! lol..xD

von's squek : unexpectedly turns out to be good ! =)



tadah! =))

hongkie restaurant : concept copy kim gary de or mayb the other way round ..but u get the idea rite? non - halal de la..but their chic baked rice..reli damn nice...waaaay better den kim gary. i dun like kim gary. not! and it causes rashes to my fren! poor girl went kim gary makan rashes, went c doc n stupid doc duno "kin" anot his cert say he suspect my fren h1n1~ ==''' anyway their cheese baked rice..reli very cheesy!

* yummy *

all smiles for the meal ! haha...xD

von's squek : yummy yummy yummy!


the menu...very sophisticated rite..=)

found anoder great place!
the little cottage located under emerald hotel . on the way to gurney plaza.

they serve the BEST clam showder! *loves like mad*

the generous amout of potato chunks & clam! superb!

great starters! =)

more to come :

bread & butter & peanuts

main courses :

dishing out grilled fish fillet with lemon & herbs sauce! * delicious*

lobster + steak combo !

the lobster. a lil' too small cuz "somebody" complained its more like a prawn den lobster. but..its set meal ma...nevertheless, at the end of the meal..we r again..TOO full! =p

trust does NOT taste like how it looked look...kinda *tut*..BUT....its reli yummy! lol! =p
its well done dat explains the colour la..hehe!

p/s : i think im a good photographer..but..too bad camera! lol..mab i got hidden talent in photography? haha..who

coffee after main course..=) very " ang moh" rite..LOL! but this comes under the dinner set.

next up....the desserts :

tiramisu & custard!

the interior :

window view! lol..too bad see cars nia..not mountains or flowers kinda thing! haha..xD

my pose! lol..jk..i was not ready ready one i tak i chose this one! haha..xD

von's squek : SUPER value! =) great english-ish environment!


dats bout it...i can blog no more...cuz i myself am freaking hungry now! i gotta go scramble to dig up some foods ! hoho....

* running & searching wildly for smth to eat *

p/s : HAPPIE HOLIDAYS peeps! =))

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


why isit that every single when we wan go back for our hday liao......SUUUUUURE got alot homework come de a?!? sien.....*hates*

i wan go back home a.......*sulk*
time passes so cuz thos tons of works to do.....=*(

i believe..last was easier!
this semester..a change of a few lecturers make my life became like three times triple hard! talking bout the homeworks, presentations, reflections and etc etc etc....
okla..i noe la..its for our own good..but can they please come one by one?

this lecturer says : i dun care if u have XXX things to do..this is my subject...blablalbla..
that lecturer says : my tesl teachers...all this should be easy for u all.....blablabla...
anoder says : all of u better buck up...finals r coming....blablabla....

all u guys think we can reli divide ourselves into parts where one part can go to A and have discussion den B will stay in room to do homework, C go toilet bathe....D go shit....E slp & rest...F wash clothes n the list goes on till Z.....*haiz*

one word :


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

freaking idiots!

damn thos ppl who dare call themselves TEACHER when u go to the sch not to teach ur students but to RIDICULE them?


for instance, by snaping tons of pic of a student which i doubt u have their consent n post it in *somewhr* n then ....ALLOWING others to post comments that reli reli are INSULTING!

i say teachers : u accept ur students for the way they are... u dun chose ur students....they r there in the very class of yours for u to teach them...not for u to make fun of them! not for your own personal stupidity attack to venge on!

thos they chose they way they are rite now?


FYI, not all ppl stuff themselves till they become this 'giant" that u see that makes u sooo afraid to stand bside of them because u r worried that they will knock into u n make u "fly". but because some of them r jst born with it. it might be due to a dsyfunctional proper nerves system that affects ones brain to send the correct signal like telling u tat u r full & even that ur metabolism rate became so slow it leads to the obesity proble or in ur words : turing them into GIANTS or MONSTER!

such shallow ppl.......arent u guys ashamed to call urselves TEACHERS?
if u like soooooo freaking much to make fun of somebody dats considered "abnormal" try reflecting urself..y r u even here?

nobody is perfect. and that includes YOU!

p/s : u r rite. i am freaking major super duper pissed with their childishness! i do not se it funny n i cannot understand why they react like that to the poor child..i am dissapointed. u may say its none of my bisness but i tell u..its my bisness because i too, am gona b a teacher.